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Why We Make Wine

Secret Ravine Vineyards, LLC is a family owned company with the objective of producing “Fine Wines from Locally Grown Grapes”, wines that you would choose to enjoy with your evening meal. While achieving this objective, our goal is to create an educational and relaxing venue for you, our customer, which encourages repeat visits and inspires further exploration of wines and wine grape growing.



Good wine comes from good grapes. So our principal focus is directed to producing quality grapes from our vineyard and from those vineyards owned by our friends and neighbors who, coincidently, share our interest in quality wine and are within the Loomis Basin. Sustainable viticulture practices are employed, that is, minimal use of artificial fertilizers, insecticides, and traditional cultural practices in favor of organic materials, integrated pest management, and minimal cultural intrusion to the environment. Our efforts are directed to maximizing the full varietal character and terroir of grapes whose origins spring from regions similar to the Loomis Basin.



Making wine commercially calls for many skills beyond viticulture and enology: business management, marketing and sales, information management, finance and accounting, system and process engineering, to name a few. Besides being skilled at wine consumption, the company principals include a Manufacturing Engineer, an Accountant, an Information Technologist, a Comptroller, and a retired Aerospace Engineer and former University Professor, and a Human Resources Manager.

We decided that making good wine, from locally grown grapes, would provide an educational opportunity for the company members, an economically challenging and rewarding business, a beneficial and satisfying life style, and a product which contributes to the health and well being of our customers. We hope you will try our wines and find that we have succeeded.


At Secret Ravine Vineyards we practice sustainable agriculture where possible by composting vineyard and winery material and returning it back to the soil. We have also reduced the use of herbicides (weed control) with the help of 8 Baby Doll Southdown sheep who graze, nap, graze some more and nap some more. The addition of a solar system has reduced our energy consumption drawing energy from the 251 sun filled days we are privileged to enjoy.






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